Environmental Impact Assessment

Northacre Renewable Energy

Northacre Renewable Energy


In August last year we were appointed by Hills to undertake the Environmental Impact Assessment and prepare and submit the planning application for a proposed renewable energy facility on land adjacent to Hills’ existing Northacre Resource Recovery Centre in Westbury, Wiltshire.

The proposed renewable energy facility will generate electricity and heat from a mix of solid recovered fuel (SRF) and commercial and industrial waste that would otherwise be exported to mainland Europe as SRF or landfilled in Wiltshire respectively.

Some 22 MW electricity / year will be generated, of which approximately 4 MW will be used on the site itself and 2 MW used by the adjacent Northacre RRC, with the remainder exported to local users via private wire connection or to the national grid.

Key issues addressed in the application included cultural heritage, visual impact, air quality and noise.

The planning application was submitted to Wiltshire Council in December 2014 and planning consent was granted in September 2015.